Less than a week

wine bottle cozy

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Good luck to everyone finishing up holiday knitting projects!

Last night I took a shower

Shower Complete

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in my own house! It was fantastic. We still need to order and install glass doors, but a temporary curtain will do for now. This weekend we paint!

Check out these awesome baseball cardigans.

As I write this I can hear yells from downstairs…yep my dog just ate half a pound of prosciutto. Have to go.

Rhinebeck 2010

fingerless gloves

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Ok, another delayed post but I seem to have no tolerance lately for looking at the computer screen when I come home after a day at work staring at the computer screen.

Once again this year my mom and I met in Rhinebeck for the NYSWF but we stayed an extra day this time. This gave us the chance to attend a Lily Chin design workshop on the last day of the festival, it was so worth it. She taught us “there’s more than one way to skein a cat” in the knitting craft, ha ha ha. Speaking of which, I picked up 10 skeins of an oatmeal colored bulky wool which I have reserved for a super bulky cable sweater for myself. I also came home with a few skeins of a delicious silk and wool blend in a shiny snow white. In the photo, my mom pets some raw fiber while showing off a pair of fingerless gloves I knit especially for the occasion.

Tennis Sweater

On model

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No one told me how much fun it is to make Halloween costumes for your dog! Jonesy’s features a hand-knit sweater body with half tennis balls stitched to it. He has already participated in two pet parades this Fall! The first one was part of a neighborhood street festival where NB set up a bike blender, good times.

PARK(ing) Day 2010

Taxi passing

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PARK(ing) Day was a huge success! It was two weeks ago, but it is never too late to thank you all for helping out. This year’s installation seemed to be especially engaging for those passing by. The concept was about exposing what is below the asphalt, our parking space hosted soil from 48 states! Many people stopped by because they were simply fascinated with the colors displayed, yet stayed longer to search for their home state’s soil, or to ask questions about the event, or even to touch the soil.

In addition to everyone’s willingness to send us soil (we had 48 states total!) we had extra help setting up and cleaning up, as well as food, chalk, and traffic cone donations. Thank you again for helping us build and celebrate public space! More photos are here.

Hoodie Blanket

Cozy Jonesy

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Mattie’s baby blanket has been finished and blocked for some time. I was bored out of my mind knitting the stockinette body and then discouraged with the project after sewing on the hood. But the seed stitch border pulled it together and I ended up liking the project. Here Jonesy curls up on his favorite patio chair to watch the leaves fall.



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This is an awesome owl my sister felted. It’s so darn cute I had to post it. She’s also made me some felted wooly sheep which I love and are currently living in my craft room.